Google Team Drive

Google Team Drive is included with all Google@SEAS accounts. Files in a Team Drive are owned by the team, not individual users, providing stability as your team changes and evolves.

Team Drives are a new feature with slightly different behavior and limitations than individually owned files and folders in Google Drive. Before using Team Drive, please review Google's Get started with Team Drives article.

To begin using Team Drives, visit Google Drive and log in with your Google@SEAS account.

Be sure to log in using your full SEAS account address (

All use of Google@SEAS, including Team Drive, must conform to the Penn Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources.

Moving Files

Users must own the files that they move from a Google@SEAS My Drive to a Team Drive. Once the files are moved, ownership is transferred to the Team Drive.

To move Google Drive files you don't own to a Team Drive, consider one of the following options:

Moving Folders

At this time, users are not able to move Google Drive folders from My Drive into a Team Drive. Files must be moved individually into a Team Drive and organized there. Once created, folders can be moved between Team Drives.

NOTE: CETS does not have a tool that will safely move folders to a Team Drive.

Sharing outside the Team

You can share individual Team Drive files with people who aren't members of the Team Drive, but not folders.

Desktop Sync

Note: The old Google Drive desktop app does not support Team Drives.

Google's Drive File Stream application supports Team Drives. Contact CETS if you need assistance upgrading to Google Drive File Stream.

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