Researchers who are leaving Penn Engineering

We want to stay in touch with researchers who have left Penn Engineering. Often they want to remain on mailing lists for their research groups, departments, or other interests. Also, their addresses will be in many address books, contact lists, and databases.

So, when researchers leave Penn, it's necessary that messages sent to the addresses continue to be delivered to them. CETS provides free lifetime email forwarding for Post-Docs, Visiting Scholars, and other researchers. Researchers who are leaving us can send their new email address to, and we will set up the mail forward.

It is important to test the forward once it has been set up by sending an email from your SEAS to your SEAS account. If you, for example, send a message from your Gmail account to your SEAS account, SEAS will forward it to Gmail, and Gmail will detect a mail loop and drop the message.

Unused SEAS accounts can create problems with system security and intellectual property, among other concerns. It's best to close the SEAS account and use mail forwarding when all that is needed is the email address.

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