SEAS MATLAB License Information

Where can I use MATLAB?

MATLAB is available in the CETS-managed computer labs, Moore 100 (A, B & C), Towne M66, and Towne M70. MATLAB is also available in the Virtual PC lab. SEAS students are eligible for the Student MATLAB License. Other students can purchase a student license at the Computer Connection. The purchased version includes all of the toolboxes that are available in the SEAS license, used in CETS labs and the SEAS Student MATLAB License.

MATLAB Online is also available to users with current eligible licenses:

Can I use MATLAB Toolboxes?

Penn's MATLAB site license is fully loaded and all licenses (student and research) support installing all the available toolboxes.

Note: The Data Acquisition Toolbox is only available in a 32-bit Windows version.

Are there open source alternatives to MATLAB?

What are the eligibility requirements?

Licenses are available for purchase from CETS. These are the eligibility requirements:

Please check the Mathworks web site for complete MATLAB system requirements.

How do I get a MATLAB license?

Faculty and Researchers

Faculty and researchers can request licenses here:

Note: You must have a SEAS budget code and SEAS account to acquire MATLAB through CETS.

SEAS Students

SEAS offers free Student MATLAB licenses to all currently enrolled SEAS students with these restrictions:

Students can view setup and configuration information here:

Note: Only students eligible to use the SEAS Student License will be able to view the installation instructions.