What is Abaqus?

Abaqus is a finite element analysis and multi-physics engineering simulation software. It features advanced capabilities for:

How does Abaqus pricing work?

CETS manages a shared licensing pool for research use which allows for discounted pricing across research groups within Engineering. Licenses are distributed using a floating network license model as the standalone option has historically been cost prohibitive. To obtain Abaqus there is:

Starting a standard instance of Abaqus requires 1 interactive token and 5 executive tokens. Additional modules may require more executive tokens. If tokens are purchased in the middle of the year, our vendor distributor creates a pro rated quotation from the desired start date until the end of our licensing cycle in December. Contact CETS for current pricing information as it varys semester to semester.

How do I get Abaqus?

Contact CETS to obtain the license. In the request to CETS please indicate how many interactive and executive tokens you will need along with any hostnames for computers that will need to check out licenses. CETS adds and removes hosts from the license server based on a group's allotted tokens. This means a research group can add as many hosts as needed but checkouts will be limited to how many instances the group has tokens for. Once purchased, installers will be distributed that have the current and previous versions. The license server is also backwards compatible so it will support most earlier releases.

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