Account Services at SEAS

Important: Passwords are highly confidential. Please do not share password information and never send your password via email or text. No legitimate system administrator would ever ask you for your password by email.

All members of the SEAS community (students, faculty, and staff) must have accounts on these two systems: PennKey and SEAS.


Your PennKey will serve as your campus wide online ID. Any secured Penn website that requires authentication will prompt you for your PennKey and password. Your PennKey is not an email account.

PennKey is also the first computer account you'll create at Penn. When creating your PennKey, it is extremely important to note these two points:

  1. Carefully consider your username choices because that username will be permanent. Also whatever you choose as your username will be used for your email address (more on email addresses below).

    Important: If you do not like the username choices presented, exit out of the process and contact CETS. If you do not exit, but continue to complete the process, your username can not be changed later.

  2. Be sure to enter challenge/response questions. This will enable you to reset your PennKey password if it's ever forgotten.

PennKey requires three key pieces of information:

Additional PennKey Details

SEAS Account

All currently active SEAS students, faculty, and staff are entitled to SEAS accounts.

SEAS accounts provide access to our mail servers, our Linux computer labs, and our virtual Windows machines from remote locations. It also provides access to a network drive that can be accessed from our Windows and Linux computer labs.

SEAS accounts have several convenient features like spam blocking, away (vacation) messages, mail forwarding, quota checking. These features can be managed via the SEAS Account Management website.

What will my SEAS email address be?

Your email address will be in this format:

Where "pennkey" is the same name you chose for your Pennkey.

When do SEAS accounts become active?

SEAS Account Expiration

SEAS accounts expire throughout the year depending upon why and when the account was created. More information about account expiration is available here.

If you have any questions about creating accounts, please contact CETS.

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