How can I get a SEAS account?

CETS Account Requests

Obtaining & Changing SEAS Passwords

Obtaining a new password

When creating your SEAS account online (see above), you will be prompted to choose a new password.

Changing your SEAS password

If you have forgotten your SEAS password, change it online at For helpful password suggestions, please see our password suggestions page.

Obtaining & Changing Other Passwords (including PennKey)

For information on all other accounts (such as those for the College of Arts & Sciences, Nursing, or Wharton), please see our Non SEAS Support Page for specific contact information.

Requesting a PennKey

If you don't already have a PennKey, visit the University of Pennsylvania PennKey Services page.

Resetting a Forgotten PennKey Password

If you forgot your PennKey password, see the University of Pennsylvania PennKey Services page.

Changing a Known PennKey Password

To change a known password, you can do it directly at: PennKey Password Change page. Be sure to follow ISC's PennKey Password Rules when choosing a new password.

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