Bubble Sheet Scanning

SEAS offers a service that can scan bubble sheet forms and automatically tabulate the results. This service is available through the Copy Center in the Mailroom across the hall from the CETS office (164 Levine). Special bubble sheet forms are needed for use with this service, which can be provided by the Copy Center or by CETS.

Please contact Anthony Bradley (tone@seas.upenn.edu) or Andrew Sumpter (sumpter@seas.upenn.edu) from the Copy Center and CC course-support@seas.upenn.edu to use this service or if you have any questions. 

As soon as you know the date of your exam, please make an appointment with Anthony or Andrew from the Copy Center (remember to CC course-support@seas.upenn.edu). 

Preparing the Forms

The bubble sheet forms come in 3 variants:

Larger sizes are available by special request and must be requested ahead of time.

Upon obtaining the file containing the selected form, print the number of copies that you need.

Creating the Answer Key

Use one of the extra copies of the bubble sheet as the answer key. Fill in all correct responses for the questions you intend to score in PENCIL.

Decide how to score the exam: The software can assign points for correct answers and no points for incorrect answers or unanswered questions, or it can score like standardized tests do (a point for a correct answer, but a deduction of a point or a fraction of a point for an incorrect answer).

Administering the Test

Students need to write their 8-Digit Penn ID on the exam form. The 8-Digit Penn ID is the middle 8 digits of the number listed directly below the name on the PennCard.

When distributing the exam remind students to mark the exams neatly and clearly in PENCIL. Pen may work but can bleed through if the exam is 2-sided. We strongly recommend pencil as it avoids this issue and allows for erasures. 

Make sure that when you collect the exams all students have filled in their name and 8-Digit Penn ID number.

Getting the Results

After the exam, please bring the student’s answer sheets, the answer key, and one blank sheet to the Copy Center so that the exam can be scanned.

After the exams are scanned the copy center will process them and return them to you via email.

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