Where can I run a cron job?

User cron jobs can be created by logging into croniac.seas.upenn.edu:

% ssh user@croniac.seas.upenn.edu

What is a cron job?

A cron job is an automated process that executes commands at specific dates and times.

Background Information

In the past we gave cron access to everyone on all machines, but it drove people crazy. They'd accidentally set up a cron job on whatever machine they happened to be sitting at, and then get mail constantly from it. In order to remove it they'd have to find the machine and wait until no one else was using it.

Intuitively, one would want a central cron facility, that would allow you to access your central crontabs from any SEAS machine. We figure that the easiest way to do that was to only allow cron on one machine, and let people use "ssh" to access their cron jobs from anywhere.

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