This article is intended for users who still read email on legacy SEAS servers. It does not apply to Google@SEAS.

Why can't I delete email messages?

This is usually because you are over your disk quota. Sent mail will also not be saved to your sent-mail folder if you are over quota. To check your quota, login to the SEAS Account Management site. The first page will have a listing of quota statistics for your account. For more information about your mail quota, please visit the this Answers article.

If you are over quota

  1. Purge your trash folder by going to the Delete Mail Messages link on the left hand navigation bar of the account management site.
  2. Once you have purged your trash folder, go back and check your quota. If you are still over quota, please send an email to cets@seas.
  3. If you are now within your disk quota limit, you can open your email client and delete emails from other folders (your inbox does not count against your disk quota - more info).

If you are not over quota

There may be some other problem with your account, please contact cets@seas.

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