How do I forward mail from one account to another?

To setup mail forwarding on SEAS, you can use the Account Management web page. Login with your SEAS username and password and then select "Mail Forwarding."

Note: It is important to test the forward once it has been set up by sending an email from your SEAS to your SEAS account. If you, for example, send a message from your Gmail account to your SEAS account, SEAS will forward it to Gmail, and Gmail will detect a mail loop and drop the message.

Note: Please don't use a mail filter if all you want to do is forward all of your mail to another account; it can cause a mail loop. Setting up a forward as described here is simpler and less likely to have problems.

How do I forward email to another account after my account is removed?

If you set up forwarding in your account, when your account is removed, your email will continue to be forwarded for one year.

How do I turn off mail forwarding?

To turn off mail forwarding on SEAS, you can use the account management web page. Login with your SEAS username and password and then select "Mail Forwarding."

Important Note for Faculty and Staff

CETS recommends against transferring your work-related email to a personal Gmail account. Here is the official Penn policy on using third-party cloud services (like Gmail):

It is unlawful to share certain types of data with a cloud provider - or any third party - unless there is an agreement that properly reflects legal requirements. For example, data privacy protections provided by HIPAA, by FERPA, and often by funding agencies require specific language in agreements with third parties handling regulated data. At this point, most "terms of service" that cloud providers ask users to "click through" to agree upon, do not contain such language. Faculty and staff must not utilize cloud providers to handle HIPAA, FERPA or other regulated data unless the terms of service contain the required language or unless there is a negotiated agreement to ensure compliance. The Office of General Counsel or the Office of Audit, Compliance and Privacy should be consulted where any questions arise in this area.


Please note that HIPAA protected information cannot be stored or transmitted on this or any SEAS facility.

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