What is Microsoft Imagine (formerly Dreamspark or MSDN Academic Alliance)?

Through the Microsoft Imagine subscription, SEAS students and researchers can get free installations of a limited set of Microsoft software. This includes Visual Studio, Visio, and Microsoft operating systems. It also includes various servers and driver development kits from Microsoft. Microsoft Office is not available via Microsoft Imagine, although some applications like Project and Visio are available.

This software can be used for instruction or research in Engineering. It cannot be used for commercial use or for university infrastructure or administration. The servers cannot be used for ongoing activities such as Exchange server for e-mail or Commerce Server for e-commerce applications.

It can be installed on university-owned or student-owned machines. The licenses are perpetual and the usage restrictions are also perpetual.

The license includes beta software, typically operating systems; however, CETS has decided not to distribute beta operating system software for purposes other than research on operating systems.

To get software for a SEAS course

The faculty or TA should send the e-mail to cets@seas with the course name/number and the software needed.

Please visit the Microsoft Imagine page for more information.

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