Is there a way for me to take advantage of my large email quota without having to keep everything in my inbox folder?

This article is intended for users who still read email on legacy SEAS servers. It does not apply to Google@SEAS.

  Usage Free Limit
Disk xx MB xx MB xx MB
Inbox xx MB xx MB xx MB

You can check your Disk and Inbox quota by logging into the SEAS Account Management website.

SEAS email accounts get a fairly large amount of quota. Many users like to keep old emails in organized folders rather than having them in their inbox. These other mail folders count against your disk quota, not your inbox quota. Only messages in your email inbox will be part of your inbox quota.

You may wonder if there was any way to take advantage of your inbox quota without having to keep everything in the inbox. Unfortunately, there is not. The two types of storage are very different, and very separate. They are on different machines, have different hardware, different backup methods, and different file systems. there's no way to combine the space, or transfer space from one to the other.

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