How do I kill a process?

First, do a ps -x to find out the PID of the process you want killed. For example, if this is the result of ps -x:

% ps -x
20755 ?  IW    0:00 xbiff
20760 q3 R     0:00 ps -x
24908 q3 S     0:11 bash
16485 u1 IW    0:00 bash

and you wanted to kill the "xbiff" process, you would use the PID 20755. On Eniac, you can use the command

% destroy PID

in our example

% destroy 20755

On other systems, you will have to do the following:

% kill -TERM PID

% kill -INT  PID
% kill -HUP  PID
% kill -KILL PID
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