Other Mailers

This article is intended for users who still read email on legacy SEAS servers. It does not apply to Google@SEAS.

Use these settings to manually configure your email client.
These settings apply only if your emails are hosted on SEAS servers.
For Google@SEAS, see: Google@SEAS using Thunderbird

IMAP server (incoming) username.mail.seas.upenn.edu (where username is the SEAS account name)
IMAP Server Folder Prefix ~/Mail/
SSL or TLS for incoming mail server enabled
SMTP Authentication enabled
SMTP Server (outgoing) smtp.seas.upenn.edu
From address username@seas.upenn.edu
SSL or TLS for outgoing mail server enabled
Preferred Port Numbers SMTP 587 (using STARTTLS)
IMAP 143 (using STARTTLS)
Port Numbers for legacy clients
(without STARTTLS support)
IMAP 993
POP 995
SMTP 465
Secure Password Authentication
(if applicable)
disabled (unchecked)


Please set the "automatic check for email" option to no less than 6 minutes.

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