Mounting your SEAS home directory on a Mac OSX machine

From within the SEAS Network

Note: this will only work from a wired connection within the SEAS building complex.

  1. In Finder, select "Connect to Server..." from the Go pull-down menu.
  2. In the Server Address field, type:
  3. smb://<username>
  4. Click the Connect button.
  5. The "SMB/CIFS File System Authentication" dialog box will appear.
  6. Clear all text from the "Workgroup or Domain" field.
  7. Enter your SEAS username and password.
  8. An icon will appear for your SEAS home directory.

From outside the SEAS Network


The SSHFS project allows mounting of remote directories over SSH. It can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  1. Install sshfs by downloading from the project website or by using brew.
  2. Create a directory where you can mount your SEAS home directory:
    mkdir -p ~/mnt/eniac
  3. Run the command to mount your home directory. In this example, the username is bfranklin:
    sshfs ~/mnt/eniac
    Make sure to change bfranklin to your PennKey, and the "b" in the /home1/b to the first letter of your PennKey.

Remote Samba mount

From the command line:

ssh -L139:smb:139 -l <username>
/sbin/mount_smbfs -U <username> -f 600 -d 700 //<username> /mnt/seas

to mount your SEAS home directory on /mnt/seas where <username> is your SEAS username.

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