What is Piazza?

Piazza provides an online class forum for students to hold discussions and pose questions to TAs and professors.

Piazza is not part of the Canvas platform. It is an independent tool that operates under its own terms and conditions but can be integrated into Canvas sites. Please warn your students that Penn has no contract with Piazza, and can not control how they use our information. Students who choose to use Piazza should uncheck the "Piazza Careers" spam feature in the Account/Email settings. Use of Piazza should not affect a student's grade. We strongly encourage you to review their privacy statement before deciding if you want to use Piazza.

How do I create a class?

Even with the integration with Canvas, Piazza does not automatically create classes for you. To create a class simply go to the Piazza homepage and click the Instructors Get Started prompt. From there follow the instructions to complete class setup.

How do I add TAs?

To add a TA to a previously created class simply go to the Piazza page for that class and navigate to the Manage Class tab. From there you can navigate to the Manage Enrollment tab and simply add the TAs email addresses to the Enroll Professors/TAs section.

How do I add students?

If Canvas integration with Piazza is turned on then students can add themselves! Simply have the students navigate to the Piazza tab on their Canvas page for your class and follow the prompts to join the class.

Students can also be added manually. To do this, navigate to the Manage Class and then Manage Enrollment tab and paste in the email addresses of the students to be added to the class to the Enroll Students section. There is also an option to upload the class roster.

How can I get help with Piazza?

Piazza is not managed by CETS. If you need support for Piazza please reach out to help@piazza.com. They are very quick to respond and answer questions accurately. To help you get started with Piazza check out this guide:

How do I use Piazza with Canvas?

Follow these steps to enable Piazza in your Canvas site:

  1. Click on Settings in the left hand navigation.
  2. Choose the Navigation tab along the top.
  3. Drag Piazza from the hidden items list at the bottom into the list of course navigation items.
  4. Click the Save button.

After saving, there will be an entry for Piazza in the left hand navigation of your Canvas course.

Students can simply click on the link to access the Piazza course, but must agree to the Terms of Service (TOS) when accessing a course for the first time. The student only needs to complete this step once and will be able to access future courses directly.

Note: It is not necessary for students to create a Piazza account or enroll in Piazza Careers.

How do I set a Piazza class to inactive?

Making a class inactive freezes the class, preventing anyone from joining and any new posts from being submitted. This is suggested when the term is over, or for take-home exams. For instructions on how to do this check out this support page:

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