CETS Print Policy and Instructions

Pay-to-Print Policy

Black and white printing costs: $.07 per page single-sided, $.10 per page double-sided

Color printing costs: $.28 per page single-sided, $.40 per page double-sided

SEAS students receive a $20 printing credit each semester via PennCash. This allowance cannot be used for any other PennCash purchases. Additional printing may be purchased using PennCash at the time of printing. An active SEAS account is required to login to the release station.

To use the Pay-to-Print system:

  1. Log into a CETS Windows Lab station
  2. When you print your document, select one of the Pay-to-print printers.
  3. Login at the release station located next to the selected printer using your PennKey and PennKey password. Select your job from the list and click print.
  4. Remember to logout of the release station when you are done printing.
  5. Please properly recycle any unwanted printed materials.

Release stations are located in M62 Towne, M70 Towne and Moore 100 (Eniac Suite).

If you have any problems printing or if the print station needs servicing, please see the consultant in Levine Hall 164 or send email to cets@seas.upenn.edu.

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