Why do I get email messages about cancelled print jobs?

The printing system automatically sends you an email message whenever a document that you submitted for printing could not be processed. Usually, the person in charge of the printer cancelled your request, or there was some problem with printing the document. If your print job was not deleted by a consultant, most likely the printing system detected a problem. These problems could include things such as an application error preventing your job from being sent, an oversized job might have been clogging the cue or the system couldn't handle the request at the time you sent it, or other reasons. When problems occur within the system, the consultant may be forced to delete your job from the cue.

The message you received should have said "cancelled by operator" if the print job was cancelled by the person managing the printer. If you ask the person managing the printer about the job, they may be able to tell you what happened. Otherwise it should have mentioned some condition which prevented the job from printing. This could arise from one of the examples mentioned above.

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