How do I install files in my public HTML directory?

All SEAS accounts include a ~/public_html/ directory for a personal website in the account's home directory on ENIAC:

/home1/<first inital>/<username>/public_html/

This example is for the username of victor:


Most files placed in this directory, including HTML, will be immediately available on the Web at a special URL (where username is replaced with the account name):

Warning: The file permissions must be set correctly for your web pages to be viewable. If you see an Access Forbidden! error, see How do I fix the permissions on my html directory and files? for help on setting your HTML file permissions.

Use a text editor, web authoring tool or static site generator to create your web pages, then transfer them to the public_html directory in your SEAS account.

A good tutorial for learning HTML is available at w3schools.

Server Side Includes (SSI) are also supported for very basic dynamic content generation.

Note: Executable files that generate dynamic content require CGI to be enabled for the account and will not run on

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