Why was my browser redirected to Penn Information Security?

The SafeDNS service operated by Penn Information Systems & Computing (ISC) reduces the likelihood that a computer will be compromised through web browsing by tracking web sites known to be the source of malicious content. If the computer attempts to reach such a site in the course of web browsing or other activity, the service will redirect the computer to a safe location.

The SEAS DHCP server will automatically configure some clients to use the SafeDNS servers instead of Penn's traditional DNS servers. The SafeDNS servers are:

If you manage your own workstation and you want to use Penn's traditional DNS servers instead of the new SafeDNS server, you can manually configure your computer to use and (in that order) for DNS.

If you are redirected away from a malicious site, you will see the following in your browser. Seeing this text means you were protected from reaching the unsafe site:

Penn Information Security

You have been redirected here because you or your computer tried to reach a site suspected of trying to steal your data or compromise your computer.

If you think your computer may have become infected, please contact your Local Support Provider for further help. See

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