How do I mount my SEAS home directory on Linux using SSHFS?

SSHFS allows mounting of remote directories over SSH. It can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Install sshfs using your distribution's package manager, or by downloading an executable from the project website.

Two-Step Verification is required when using a PennKey password for SSH authentication on SEAS systems. See What is SSH? for more information.

Penn VPN software is required for all SSH connections from networks that are outside of PennNet.

Before connecting to a machine on PennNet via SSH from an external network, you must install and run the University Client VPN software:

In this example, a local directory is created to serve as the mount point for the home directory of the bfranklin SEAS account:

mkdir ~/seas
sshfs ~/seas

Or mount a specific subdirectory:

sshfs ~/seas
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