How do I transfer files with WS_FTP?

Penn ISC supports and recommends WS_FTP Professional for Windows SFTP file transfers.

Two-Step Verification is required when using a PennKey password for SSH authentication on SEAS systems. See What is SSH? for more information.

How do I configure WS_FTP?

  1. Download and install WS_FTP from ISC's Supported Products Page. Contact CETS if you need help with the installation.

  2. Launch WS_FTP Professional.

  3. From the Connections menu, choose New Connection... The Connection Wizard dialog box appears:

    New connection

  4. In the Site Name: field, enter an appropriate name for your connection (such as SEAS account), then click Next.

  5. In the Connection Type: dropdown menu, choose SFTP/SSH, then click Next.

  6. In the Server Address: field, type, then click Next.

  7. In the User Name: field, enter the SEAS account user name (for most users, this is the same as your PennName).

  8. In the Password: field, enter the password for the account, then click Next (for most users, this is the same as your PennKey password).

  9. Verify the information in the Finish dialogue and then click Finish.

You can also set up your default local and remote directories using the Advanced... button on the Finish dialogue. If you are setting this up to go to your SEAS html directory, your default remote directory would be, for example, /home1/s/smithj/html.

How do I connect to my account?

  1. Launch WS_FTP Professional.

  2. Under Accounts, click on the name of the connection you made above:


  3. The first time you try to connect, you may get an Untrusted Public Key warning. This is normal. Choose Trust this key and click OK.

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