Google Shared Drives

Google Shared Drives provide safe storage for team collaboration. Files are owned by the shared drive, not individual users, so they remain accessible as team membership changes.

Shared Drives behave differently than your My Drive files and folders. For more information, see:

How do I create a Google Shared Drive?

To begin using Google Shared Drives:

  1. Visit Google Drive and log in with your Google@SEAS account.
  2. On the left, click Shared drives.
  3. At the top, click New +.
  4. Provide a name and click the Create button.
  5. Your new shared drive will be created and opened.
  6. Click on the Manage members link at the top right to add other Google accounts and assign them appropriate roles.

For more information, see:

All use of Google@SEAS, including shared drives, must conform to the Penn Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources.

How do I move files to a Google shared drive?

You must be the owner of any files that you move from your Google@SEAS My Drive to a shared drive. Once the files are moved, ownership is transferred to the shared drive.

If you need to move files you don't own to a shared drive, consider one of these options:

How do I move folders to a Google shared drive?

At this time, users are not able to move Google Drive folders from My Drive into a shared drive. The current file owner must select one or more files and move them into a shared drive or one of its subfolders for further organization. Select multiple files at once by holding the Shift key while selecting the desired files. Once a folder is created in a shared drive, it can be moved between other shared drives by users with the appropriate access privileges.

Note: CETS does not have a tool that will safely move folders to a shared drive.

How do I share folders or files with users who are not members of the shared drive?

You can share folders or individual files in a shared drive without granting membership to the user by using one of the following options:

For more information, see:

How do I access Google shared drives from my computer?

The easiest way to access your Google shared drives is by visiting Google Drive in a web browser.

Use Google Drive for Desktop if you want to access the files the same way you access other files on your computer's hard drive. Contact CETS if you need assistance with Google Drive for Desktop.

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