How do I reserve a CETS computer lab?

CETS welcomes computer lab reservation requests from the SEAS community. Please read this article in its entirety before submitting your request.

Room Information

Our teaching locations, platforms, and capacities include:

Location Operating System Capacity
Moore 100A Linux 34
Moore 100B Windows 28
Moore 100C Windows 22

Our non-teaching locations are recommended for general computing, all groups, and guests to the Engineering school:

Location Operating System Capacity
Towne M70 Linux & Windows 10 (Linux), 18 (Win)
Towne M62 Windows 35

Lab use priorities

  1. Courses requiring SEAS course software only available in that lab
  2. Courses requiring SEAS course software
  3. SEAS recitations and exams
  4. Course related software demonstrations, student presentations/projects, etc.
  5. SEAS courses office hours and tutoring sessions (shared lab space)
  6. SEAS related events that require computer lab access
  7. General computing (shared lab space)
  8. Penn community with Pennkey access (Towne M62/M70 recommended)

Please see the CETS/Lab Policy before continuing.

Long term reservations

Please submit semester long requests early. Semester reservation submissions are due:

Requests for office hours and tutoring are confirmed after the start of that semester.

Please note: Office hours and tutoring reservations are subject to change if the lab is required for a higher priority during that time.

Short term reservations

Please submit your reservation request at least 1 week in advance of your reservation to allow for testing, guest Pennkeys, training, etc.

Submitting reservation requests

All reservation requests are submitted online. Please check for lab availability before completing the form by clicking on the "Check Availability" link next to each lab's name.

How to rent a CETS computer lab

The Ketterer Lab (204 Moore)

CETS does not manage the Ketterer Lab. Here is the lab's schedule.

Please contact Sid Deliwala in the ESE dept for more information.


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