What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is an audience response technology based on web and cellular networks, which means the students or audience members can provide feedback using a device of their choosing.

CETS currently supports two versions of Poll Everywhere:

Higher ed free Version

You are not required to contact CETS to use the Higher ed free version of Poll Everywhere. You can set up a poll using the Higher ed free version at the following website:

The Higher ed free version has two important limitations:

  1. There is a limit of 40 participants per poll.
  2. All responses are anonymous.

This makes the Higher ed free version inappropriate for use with large audiences and in instances where the user's identity is necessary (e.g., taking attendance).

University-wide Version

To bypass the limitations of the Higher ed free version, simply Contact CETS to get set up with the University-wide enterprise level license at no additional cost.

Student Registration

This feature is only supported with the University-wide license obtained from CETS. Students must be added manually. More information can be found at the following website in the student registration section:

How do I use Poll Everywhere with Canvas?

Penn Libraries has instructions for using Poll Everywhere with Canvas:

How do I collaborate with my team?

Poll Everywhere allows you to share activities with other presenters:

Note that this feature relies on presenters belonging to the same Team, which must be created by an account administrator. Please contact Poll Everywhere Support or send an email to support@polleverywhere.com if you would like to have a Poll Everywhere Team created for your group.

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