Respondus LockDown Browser

Faculty can opt to use the Respondus LockDown Browser for secure testing in proctored environments. Respondus is not suitable for distance learning, only in-class assessments.

Once installed on a student machine, the LockDown Browser prevents any other applications from being used until the Canvas quiz is completed.

What are the limitations of Respondus?

How do I set it up?

You must have a Canvas site for your course in order to use Respondus. The module for Respondus is not available by default. Send mail to and we can activate it for you.

Students will need to download the software for Penn's Canvas instance, available here. We strongly recommend you have students run through a practice exam before using the software on a graded assessment. It's important to verify a working setup for your students before using Respondus on an actual quiz.

Once you have the LockDown Browser tab available in your Canvas site navigation panel, follow these steps to use it for a quiz:

  1. Create a Quiz as normal in Canvas. At first the quiz will not be secured, so use availability dates to make sure students don't get immediate access to it.
  2. Click the LockDown Browser entry in the lefthand navigation panel.
  3. Click the drop-down menu beside the quiz you want to enable Respondus for, then click Modify Settings.
    • Check Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.
    • Check Require LockDown Browser to view feedback and results.
  4. Ignore Password Settings and Advanced Options.

After that, your quiz will now require Respondus LockDown Browser.

Providing feedback

As of Fall 2014, Respondus is a pilot program for the University. Faculty who use it should be willing to provide feedback at the end of the term, in order to help courseware administrators determine its effectiveness in the classroom.

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