When I change a web page on the lab PCs, nobody can read it!

Because the lab PCs don't have any idea of what Unix permissions are, the permissions of files created in your SEAS account while on a lab PC are set so that only you may read the file.

When most modern PC word processors save a file, they create a backup copy of the changes before you started modifying the document. The original document is frequently renamed, and a new document is created with the old document's name. This means that if you're using a PC editor (such as Microsoft Word) to edit a web page that is stored in your SEAS home directory, the file will not be accessible from the web any longer when you save it.

This problem is inherent to the protocol used by Samba, which provides access to your home directories from PCs. Hence, mounting your SEAS home directory from a ResNet PC (or any other internet-accessible PC) will have the same results.

If you are editing a web page in this manner, you must fix the permissions by logging in to your SEAS account and changing them there. See the answers article entitled, "How do I fix the permissions on my html directory?" for more information.

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