What are the server addresses for SEAS?

Protocol Server Comments
HTTP www.seas.upenn.edu  
SSH eniac.seas.upenn.edu  
SFTP eniac.seas.upenn.edu Click here for more detailed information on WS-FTP setup and configuration instructions
rlogin   Insecure - use SSH
telnet   Insecure - use SSH
rsh   Insecure - use SSH
FTP   Insecure, use SFTP

The following is intended for users who still read email on legacy SEAS servers. It does not apply to Google@SEAS.

Protocol Server Encryption Comments
SMTP smtp.seas.upenn.edu STARTTLS Mail server (for sending) [instructions]
POP <username>.mail.seas.upenn.edu STARTTLS (discouraged, use IMAP)
IMAP <username>.mail.seas.upenn.edu    STARTTLS Replace <username> with your username.
SSL on the IMAP Alternate Port (993) is also supported [instructions]
Webmail webmail.seas.upenn.edu https  
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