Classroom Recording

The University uses MediaSite lecture capture equipment to provide class and seminar recording in the larger SEAS lecture halls. The SEAS spaces with lecture capture capability are:

If you are teaching a course in one of these rooms, you will receive a message from CETS prior to the start of the term offering recording services.

How do I request lecture capture?

Prior to the start of every term, CETS will email instructors teaching in the rooms listed above and offers the recording setup. If you'd like to request recording for a special event, contact Make sure to include the date, time, and room number for the event, as well as the course name and number if it's for a course.

What do I need?

First and foremost, the event should take place in one of the supported classrooms, listed above. Once CETS has confirmed the recording schedule you requested, you can use the wireless podium microphone installed in the room.

How do I view the videos?

At the time of scheduling, CETS will provide a Catalog URL to view the recorded lectures. This URL will remain the same throughout the semester, and new recordings will automatically be appended to it, with the newest at the top. Many instructors choose to share this URL with students via a course website such as Canvas, but doing so is optional.

Who can view the videos?

Anyone with both the Catalog URL and a valid PennKey can view recorded videos. For special cases, CETS can remove the PennKey restriction for a given set of recordings. Email CETS if you need more information.

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