Wireless Microphones for Classroom Podiums

Several classrooms at SEAS include a wireless microphone, which can be used when recording lectures or for general amplification during a talk.

Where is it available?

These classrooms have wireless podium microphones installed:

Are these the only rooms I can use a microphone in?

The rooms listed above have microphones permanently installed. If you require microphones for an event in another location, contact CETS and describe your needs.

Do I need to record lectures to use this microphone?

No, the wireless podium microphone can also be used independent of the recording systems.

How do I use it?

Instructions with pictures are included below. You can also download a PDF version of this guide. As always, if you have further questions about how to use this system, contact CETS.

Wireless podium microphone

Squeeze the release latches on each side to access the power button

Press the power button once

Close the door and use the microphone

Return the microphone to the charging dock when finished

There is a PDF version of this guide available for download, as well.

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