How do I mount my SEAS home directory on my computer?

To mount your SEAS home directory on your own machine using Samba (SMB/CIFS), you will need to set a SEAS password. Note the difference between "PennKey password" and "SEAS password" in our instructions. Please visit the SEAS Account Management website to reset the password.

  1. Select "Configure Your SEAS Account"
  2. Enter your Pennkey
  3. Follow the prompts for "Change/Reset Your SEAS Password"
  4. Wait for your new password to become active in 15-20 minutes.

Windows users can only mount their SEAS home directory from within PennNet. Mac and Linux users can use Samba over SSH to connect from outside of SEAS. Please select your Operating System:

Another option: for easy access to SEAS home directory from outside the SEAS network, use one of the Penn-recommended SFTP clients:

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