What is Panopto?

Panopto provides lecture recording, screencasting and video streaming. To begin using Panopto, log in with your PennKey here:

How do I use Panopto to record lectures on my computer?

After you log into Penn's Panopto site, click on the Download Panopto link below your name in the upper right corner. Run the installer (you may need to restart Panopto after granting permission to use your camera and microphone). Once Panopto is installed, you can record lectures and integrate them with your Canvas course. See this guide for more information:

How do I use Panopto to record lectures in classrooms?

If you are teaching in a room anywhere on campus that supports recording equipment, you are invited to record each of your classes using the Panopto recording system. In Engineering, these rooms are:

The system is mostly automated, but you will need to wear a wireless mic so the system can capture your voice. The podiums in our recording classrooms now include a wireless microphone, which can be used with lecture capture capability, or general amplification during a talk. Here is our Answers article for reference:

Recording of course lectures is never automatic, so please contact CETS with sufficient advance notice if you are interested in recording.

How do I edit videos in Panopto?

Panopto provides a handy editor to trim unwanted sections from your video in a nondestructive manner:

How do I add captions to a video in Panopto?

Panopto supports Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and provides an interface for editing the generated captions, which can also be downloaded:

Panopto must process a newly recorded or uploaded video before it makes the ASR option available in the editor via Captions > Import captions > Import automated captions. Be patient and refresh the page every few minutes until the option appears. Processing time is dependent on the size of the video.

Panopto Import captions menu displaying Import automatic captions

How do I access Panopto videos in a Canvas course?

Videos shared with a Canvas course via Panopto will be available via Class Recordings in the course navigation menu and will not affect the file storage quota of the Canvas course.

How do I embed Panopto videos in a Canvas course?

You may embed a Panopto video anywhere in the course where you have access to the text editor such as Pages, Announcements, or Discussions. You can even record a video on the fly and embed it immediately. For more information, see:

Using this method to embed videos from Panopto does not affect the file storage quota of the Canvas course.

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