How do I share documents securely?

Penn offers these services that allow faculty and staff to securely share documents.

Google Drive

These are the main features of Google Drive for Google@SEAS accounts:

For instructions, see Google's Share files from Google Drive article.

You can find more information about Google@SEAS in the Google@SEAS FAQ.

Secure Share

Secure Share is a web-based application for secure file exchange available to Penn faculty, staff, and students that ensures the safety and privacy of University data.

These are the main features of Secure Share:

For instructions, see Penn ISC's Secure Share documentation.


NOTE: Due to usability issues, CETS strongly discourages the use of Penn+Box when Google@SEAS can be used instead.

Which Service Should I Use?

Use Google@SEAS when all users have SEAS accounts. While you can use a Google@SEAS account to collaborate with any other Google accounts, protections for University data are not applicable when shared outside the organization. Keep this in mind when collaborating on University data, such as research results or student information.

Use Secure Share to securely send a single document to one or more colleagues who have PennKeys.

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