How to use

Some courses involve computer assignments that are not allowed in the labs or on Eniac, because they would compromise the security or reliability of the machines. Students in these courses use speclab for these assignments.

Access to Speclab is not available to all SEAS students, only those registered for certain courses. CETS does not provide access to Speclab for individual students.

How to access speclab

The speclab machines can be accessed only from SEASNet using SSH (not telnet):


Where username is your SEAS account.

Alternatively, use the Speclab monitoring page to see a list of available machines and then SSH to a specific speclab machine.

Running GUI applications on Speclab

You can use X11 forwarding or VNC to run GUI applications on Speclab.

Storage space on speclab

Your SEAS home directory will be mounted automatically when you log in to speclab. If you are working with especially large data, unsuitable for storing in your home directory, consider using the /scratch partition. Files saved to /scratch may be deleted at any time, so don't store anything there that can't be re-created easily.

Common reasons for speclab access problems

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