How do I use Slack?

Slack is a communication platform that supports direct messaging and group channels. You can use Slack with a web browser or mobile app.

The free workspace for Penn Engineering is restricted to users with addresses:

How do I get a Penn Engineering Slack account?

If you have an email address, you can create an account at:

How do I invite someone to the Penn Engineering Slack workspace?

After logging into the Penn Engineering Slack workspace, you can invite other users by clicking the + Invite people link in the lefthand navigation. This dialog also includes an add many at once link that supports adding users in bulk. Invitations to users will be automatically approved and sent a notification with login instructions.

The Penn Engineering Slack workspace is restricted to users with addresses. Invitations to users in other domains will not be approved.

What are the limitations of the Penn Engineering Slack workspace?

This workspace is based on the free plan and has the following limitations and requirements:

How do I send a direct message?

Direct messages allow you to communicate with one or more members in the workspace without using a channel. For more information, see:

How do I create a channel for my team?

Any member can create a private channel and invite other members to it following these instructions:

The creation of public channels in the Penn Engineering Slack workspace has been restricted to administrators.

How do I get a separate Slack workspace for my group?

If you find the Penn Engineering Slack workspace to be too limiting and want your own Slack workspace, visit this page to choose the plan that's right for you:

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