What remote working tools are available to Penn Engineering staff?

The following is a list of tools that may be useful to staff who are working remotely.


Zoom combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Invited attendees do not need Zoom accounts to join meetings, but may be prompted to install a browser plugin or mobile app when connecting for the first time on a device. See these instructions for more details, including tips for preparing ahead of time:


The Google@SEAS G Suite platform provides multiple tools for collaboration, including Google Docs and Google Drive. Google Meet is available for remote meetings and video conferencing, while Google Chat is available for messaging:

Google@SEAS users can also use the Google Jamboard collaborative whiteboard:


Slack is a communication platform that supports direct messaging and group channels. The Penn Engineering workspace is restricted to users with seas.upenn.edu addresses:

University Client VPN

The University Client VPN allows access to Penn services restricted to PennNet IP addresses and creates a trusted wireless connection from locations where the Internet service might be suspect.

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